Carpal Tunnel

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Carpal Tunnel in Cedar Park TX

As nerves become compressed or irritated in the cervical spine it can cause carpal tunnel syndrome.  Many people choose to seek out a surgeon to help remedy their problem, but at Cedar Park Sports and Wellness in Cedar Park, we have had success in helping those suffering with carpel tunnel through non-surgical treatment.

Am I Developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

There can be multiple symptoms that could lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.  Weakness of the hands, burning, pain, tingling and swelling can be all signs of this problem.  It is also not uncommon to have pain in the base of the neck and posture concerns.  Some patients due have injury to the wrist causing compression to the median nerve.  These injuries can be linked to repetitive action injuries such as computer work and specific hand movements.  Some people can also notice the problem occurring in both hands.  If this is happening to you, it is critical you find out if it is a problem relating to your wrists or spine.


What are the Best Treatments Available?

Again while medication, surgery and physical therapy can help, don't underestimate chiropractic care.  Without correction of the underlying nerve problem, the traditional therapies may be short lived.  At Cedar Park Sports and Wellness our doctor will perform a complete evaluation of your condition and come up with a specific treatment plan that will best take care of your concerns.  If your looking for a great chiropractor in cedar park give us a call today at (512) 257-9500.